Our Services

Bulk Liquid Transport

Our fleet of tankers are capable of carrying a large variety of bulk liquids, which have large capacities enabling us to carry maximum payloads and loads can be discharged by compression, pumping or sucking. We currently use our tankers to transport various milk by products and also liquid by-products of whiskey production.

The Little Milk Company

The Little Milk Company was established in March 2008 to act as the product development and marketing body for 10 organic milk producers located throughout Ireland. Collectively, their total milk pool is a very significant 3 million litres per annum and Dungarvan Transport are proud to be able to provide the time-critical bulk liquid transport services which are essential for their dairy products.

Bulk Feed Transport

We have 8 dedicated blower units for delivery of animal feed. We have weigher devices in these trucks which ensure customer confidence and traceability in the event of any subsequent queries. We have over 15 years’ experience in animal feed distribution. These trucks are fitted with a camera system linked to the rear of the trailer which is very helpful when reversing in small and awkward yards and also makes our job safer for the driver, the farmer and their staff.

Gain Feeds and Glambia Group

Gain Feeds is Ireland’s biggest selling feed brand, providing complete nutrition for a wide range of animals including horses, dogs & cats, greyhounds, cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.

Glanbia plc is an international nutritional solutions and cheese group, headquartered in Ireland. Glanbia applies its renowned nutritional expertise to its animal feed brand Gain Feeds.

Pharmaceutical Transport

We transport valuable cargo with specialised hard sided trailers with capacity for 44 euro pallets. Our drivers are GDP and Air Cargo Security training certified..


One of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to feel better and live longer. Exporting billions of tablets and millions of tubes of products to more than 70 countries worldwide they are long established in Dungarvan and have been manufacturing here since opening the first of their two local manufacturing sites here in 1981.

Container Transport

We currently have a large fleet of trucks and trailer collecting containers from Dublin and Cork Ports, delivering throughout the 32 counties.

ECS European containers

ECS European containers are a powerful force in European container logistics and we are proud to be a key part in their operations of running a solid and dependable cross-European container transport network.  Based out of Zeebrugge their location affords them all the benefits of a centralised direct link between Europe and the UK and between Europe and Ireland.  Short lines of communication  and offices across Europe adds the power of local connections to further cut reaction times.

Curtainsider Transport

We deliver a wide range of goods throughout Ireland in curtainsider trailers ranging from construction products, palletised product, IBCs etc.

Low Loader Transport

For non-standard and overweight loads we have Low-Loader capabilities. We are ideally suited for hauling caterpillar-tracked and heavy plant equipment and inoperable trucks, moving boats or other such large and heavy equipment. For any job which requires special equipment please contact us so that we may discuss how best to meet your needs.

Munster Truck & Trailer Services

Not just a client, but a sibling company with Dungarvan Transport Ltd.  Munster Truck and Trailer Services are a work shop specializing performing all necessary maintenance and repairs to heavy and light commercial vehicles and all types of trailers and are able to offer services for most types of ancillary equipment used for haulage.  Our ability to load and transport broken down trucks, even heavily loaded rigid axle units, is integral to their operations.